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Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

The initial Renewable Portfolio Standard was enacted in 2007, back when only two percent of the State’s electricity...

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The Department of Defense has long been striving for Energy Resilience

In recent years the DoD have set aggressive renewable energy targets in response to the increased risk on energy...

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What is Community Solar?

Community Solar provides access to the benefits of solar energy to those who may not have suitable land or roof space...

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Washington State farmers to supplement finances through solar

The introduction of medium to large scale solar farms across the nation has largely missed the Pacific North West....

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Gov. Inslee strategy to cut coal by 2025 and make way for renewables

In December 2018, Governor Jay Inslee alongside collaborators both in out of politics revealed a masterplan for clean...

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Oregon solar industry calls for 10% power from solar in 10 years

Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) and Lewis and Clark Law School’s Green Energy Initiative have...

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