Community Solar

Community Solar provides access to the benefits of solar energy to those who may not have suitable land or roof space for a solar array. The program reduces your monthly electricity bill by allowing you to subscribe to a portion of a project and receive bill credits on your monthly electrical bill.

For more information, please download the program brochure

Download program brochure

Who benefits from the Oregon Community Solar Program?

Community Solar is expanding solar access to everyone in the Community.

  • 1. Project landowners benefit by receiving bi-annual rent payments, a construction bonus and those who choose to participate in the program will receive credits to go towards their utility bill.

  • 2. Neighbors and the wider community benefit as they can subscribe and receive bill credits to offset their utility bill. Not only is it reducing the carbon footprint of the community, but it also increases your control over your electrical bill.

Who is eligible to participate in the Oregon Community Solar Program?

Everyone can participate, property ownership is not a limiting factor of Community Solar. Most Oregon customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Idaho Power are eligible to participate in the Oregon Community Solar Program. You can participate if you are a resident, a business, nonprofit or government entity.

If you are interested in saving money on your electricity bill by subscribing to the Oregon Community Solar Program please reach out to us below.

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