Gov. Inslee strategy to cut coal by 2025 and make way for renewables

In December 2018, Governor Jay Inslee alongside collaborators both in out of politics revealed a masterplan for clean energy action in Washington State with targets and the strategy to achieving them. The flagship aim is to reduce greenhouse gas levels to 25% below 1990 levels by 2035. The plan is divided into 5 areas; electricity production, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, updating fuel standards and elimination of pollutants such as HFCs. Gov. Inslee is not only thinking of the environment but also the economic growth impacts that a cleaner and more self-sustaining energy system would spin off.

From the 5 areas highlighted, the biggest contribution is to come from cleaning generation sources. It contains aggressive plans to be among the first states to fully cut coal from its generation fleet and all within a short 6 years. This will of course mean that new technologies of clean generation will need to be introduced to service the states’ increasing population.

Sulus Solar’s ambitious plans to develop medium scale ground mounted solar farms in Washington align with Gov. Inslee’s and we hope to help make this plan a reality.