Oregon solar industry calls for 10% power from solar in 10 years

Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) and Lewis and Clark Law School’s Green Energy Initiative have collaborated to publish the Oregon Solar Plan, issued in March 2017. OSEIA intends to use the plan to shape their policy and regulatory lobbying approaches from now on.

Oregon has installed 264MW of solar thus far, comprising of the following types/sizes:

  • Residential Solar – 54MW
  • Commercial – 55MW
  • Utility Scale – 155MW

Presently, solar only accounts for 1% of the energy mix.

Until now, there are a number of incentives that have helped solar’s growth in the state, all of which the report states must be maintained to continue the momentum. These include:

  • Oregon’s residential energy tax credit
  • The state’s property tax exemption for solar
  • Net metering
  • Utility ratepayer incentives
  • Federal tax incentives
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard

The report outlines new strategies that it believes will help the state reach the 4-GW target, including community-solar programs and examining the state’s transmission constraints so more solar can be added to the grid.