Washington State farmers to supplement finances through solar

The introduction of medium to large scale solar farms across the nation has largely missed the Pacific North West. Development friendly states with more consistent sunshine has demanded the attention of developers thus far. However, this is likely to change with the Governor’s ambitious plans to replace traditional generation with cleaner sources, like solar energy. This will likely be heralded as a very welcome introduction to farmers in Washington.

It is widely understood and unfortunate that the margins the average farmer makes from his or her land has reduced over the last 50 years. Across the U.S., well more than half of small-scale farm owners supplement their income through non-farm activities. Solar energy projects are a very good opportunity for landowners looking for supplemental income. They can choose their worst performing land, its very non-intrusive post construction, the income is predictable, medium term and of a considerable magnitude.

Our lease rates with landowners is between $10,000 and $20,000 per year, linked to inflation. This is a very welcome addition to our landowners. These families have a deep emotional connection with their land, they are proud of their heritage and would not sign up to something damaging or disrespectful. Indeed, more than a third of our landowners consider the additional income from the solar projects vital for both continuing operations and for keeping the land owned by their family. When the project has reached it’s natural life cycle end, it will be fully removed and the land will be as productive as ever.

Farmers looking to maximize and stabilize profits from their property should seriously consider solar energy project development and for that, Sulus Solar is happy to help bring that additional revenue stream to fruition.